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Anterrious Rhyan





This week’s featured athlete is Anterrious Rhyan, currently a collegiate basketball player at Judson University. Hear what Anterrious has to share below!

What does SWHET mean to you?

SWHET helps give college athletes an opportunity to experience what direction they want to go in their respective sport. It helps athletes take off, allows them to make professional connections and build a lot of bridges to meeting with different people.

How did you get involved with SWHET?

I got involved with SWHET via Instagram. John Muldoon reached out to me, got my cell phone number, then it went from there. Once I got my first client, everything began rolling in as far as athletes being interested in lessons. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love for the company. I appreciate SWHET being able to put their trust in me to help young athletes today.

What drives you as an NCAA athlete and where does the passion come from coaching?

My passion and drive comes from my mother and grandmother. Their constant effort day in and day out to provide not only for myself, but my two older siblings. This motivates me and I want to provide for them. I want to take care of them by giving back and allowing them to relax the rest of their lives. They instilled in me at a young age to keep grinding; keep going no matter what. There are going to be hard times, but if you stay on the right course and put forth the effort, great things will come. 

What makes your coaching philosophy different from competitors?

From a coaching standpoint, I have seen a lot of kids go to a trainer where they will just focus on one move or one skill. I personally as a coach let athletes know there is a reason for everything. When I give you a move, or something to specifically work on, whether it’s shooting, passing, or dribbling; I am breaking it down step by step why this move is important and why it’s going to better your game. I want my athletes to completely understand the why behind it. When you should make this move on the court, when to apply it in a game of basketball. I look to help athletes improve their game in the gym while also boosting their basketball IQ. All of this can transfer to the outside world too, tying back to my point where there is a reason and why for everything.

What do you look for in an athlete who is interested in basketball lessons?

I want an athlete who is coming in to take things seriously with a mindset where they want to get better each and every day. Every practice will not be easy, but it will pay off in the long run if you push forward. Success does not happen overnight, but it will come if you are willing to put in the effort and have a good work ethic. Your attitude can go a long way. Coaches look for a great attitude when recruiting athletes and embracing that at an early age will only help you going forward. 

What’s life like outside of SWHET for Anterrious Rhyan?

    1. Going to class everyday, finishing out the school year strong. Working out.

    2. Basketball training - conditioning, moves, skills, game situations that I can prepare myself for this coming season. 

Life outside of SWHET for me is going to class everyday and finishing out the school year strong. Lifting weights, working out on my own, and performing my personal skills training. This includes: conditioning, ball handling, shooting. I enjoy putting myself in different perspectives and difficult situations in a game-like scenario. This prepares me for games in season, and I am ready to perform under the bright lights.

Biggest takeaway as a college athlete

The mental health! Nobody realizes what athletes go through day in and day out, especially being away from home. It can truly dictate how you play the game and who you are. Athletes give their all and put so much work into playing what they love. One bad game can really impact your mental health and it is crucial to stay level-headed. It’s important never to get too high after a career game and too low after a poor game. People do not see what you go through on a daily basis or personally. They only see what you do on the court and not the behind the scenes of an athlete. I’ll say it again, you have got to focus on your mental health as a college athlete!

BRAG - let’s hear about some athletic accomplishments.

    1. In high school football, I was selected to play in the all-star game being one of the top wide receivers in the country. I later transitioned into basketball where I was an all-state, all-metro, and an all-district athlete. After high school, I played at the Junior College level where I was second team all-conference. I led the conference in assists and steals that season as well. Right now, I am still trying to build my resume up so stay tuned!

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